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3. - 6. 8. 2023 :: Praha, Modrá škola

Merchant Registration

Tato stránka je pouze v angličtině, pokud neumíte anglicky požádejte ChatGPT o pomoc.

Advík is a non-profit event and the organizing team is doing it without any compensation, other than good feeling. We do not make money on the event. You do. We expect your atitude to match this fact, treat organizer, the event it self and each other with respect. Given then many problems we had with merchants in the past, we decided to reduce the number of slots available and will be a lot more picky this year. You can register your interest here. We will begin the selection process in late June.

Please note that if you belong to the group of troublemakers of last years, ie refusing to pay rent, arguing about space or constantly not respecting your stand borders, you'll need to make contribution to the event in order to be considered for a stand. We will not accept any applications from you until you do so.

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